Web Development & Design

Your website is the first thing people will see about your business online, so it is very important to put your best foot forward. It is where your customers can visit your business & begin their relationship with you. Your website should be designed to accommodate your target audience. 

All of our websites are designed to accommodate desktop, tablet & mobile layouts, ensuring that your business is represented to the highest standard for your users online.

High Quality Web Design & Web Development

Our web design team is based in Cork. We love to work closely with each client to design a website around your brand, creating a layout that is suited to your content & your target audience. We will work with you to help identify your audience & work towards giving them a great user experience on your website.

Each website will have SEO & tracked with analytics. This combination will allow your website to work for you. The SEO will work to improve your websites Google ranking.

Web analytics is a vital part of a website as it will provide valuable information like who visits your website, what they do on your website etc. With this information, we can adapt & improve to what the user needs.

This means that the SEO is continually monitored. It is level of service that makes the difference to your business.

UX Design

It is so important for users to have a good experience when using your website. We look at how the ux design makes the user feel, and how easy it is for the user to access the information that they are looking for. For example, how easy is it for the user to find out about your business, how easy is it to find your opening hours & contact information, how easy is it for the user to checkout when shopping online?

A great UX design will improve the users overall experience on your website.

OBRN Media will work with you to determine the needs of your user base. We will then design a website that will ensure the best possible experience for your users.

Financially Friendly

At OBRN Media, we understand the importance of a great website. That is why we like to offer a financially-friendly zero-interest flexible payment option.

This allows you to spread the cost of your website over a period of time to get your website live; without large payments all at once. We are happy to work with each client to find a payment plan that can accommodate their needs.

Website Audit

Would you like an in-depth website audit completed for your business? No problem at all! We will thoroughly inspect your website & provide a detailed report of areas you can improve to increase your business’ performance online.

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