Social Media Marketing

Social media is a fantastic way for businesses to engage with their customers, gain new audiences & increase sales.

At OBRN, we can manage everything from daily social media activity to performance advertising to boost engagement.

We love working closely with clients to build the perfect social media management strategy. Analysing your business, your goals & your audience, we will work to increase engagement across all of your social media accounts with the aim of increasing sales.

Engaging with your audience on social media is essential through every stage of the sales journey, so developing & maintaining a holistic approach to how you manage your social platforms is crucial.

1. Audit & Objectives

Improve your existing social accounts & define goals within a set timeframe.

2. Competitor Analysis

Explore what competitors in your market are doing to empower your business to stand out.

3. Identify Personas

We will identify who you’re targeting, so we know the best ways to engage with them.

4. Content Creation

Work on the graphics, images, videos & text that will connect with your audience.

5. Audience Building

Identify, pursue & engage with new audiences to drive brand awareness.

6. Optimisation & Testing

We evaluate your strategy & content performance through audits to understand the best approach for your business.

At OBRN, we are not only focused on the psychology behind social media culture, but we are also fuelled by creativity. Our aim with each campaign is to stay relevant, reach our targeted audience & produce compelling content.

For social media marketing campaigns to be successful, you need an innovative strategy; which is what we offer here at OBRN. Get in touch with us now to find out how we can take your online presence to the next level & let’s start our journey.


Facebook’s targeting system is highly intuitive & accurate. Perfect for delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time.


TikTok is the fastest growing platform at the minute & has taken the world by storm. It is a fantastic way of promoting your brand to audiences of all ages, but specifically the younger generation.


Instagram is all about visuals. With our graphic design & photography services, we can ensure that you get the attention of your desired users.


With LinkedIn, you can do more than just connect with your B2B audience, you can entice them with display ads & sponsored inmails. It is the perfect social media platform for targeting professionals.


Twitter’s powerful targeting system allows you to promote your brand based on hashtags and interests, which can be vital for your social ads. This allows you to be a part of your audience's conversations as they happen.

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